Low PricesLow Prices - Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Angels Vet Express is not a "free" clinic. 


Our prices are barely above cost and we are not-for-profit but in order to continue to provide low cost services we need each client to pay for the services they recieve.


Every dollar you pay at Angels Vet Express is used to keep the clinic open and to provide medical care for the hundreds of injured and abandoned animals that M'shoogy's rescues each year.

They're BAAACK....They're BAAACK.... - Wednesday, May 28, 2014
  • Those creepy crawlies that feast on our pets and us for nutrition. Ticks, Fleas, Mosquitoes that carry heartworm eggs to deposit into our pets. 


  • Fight back by using flea, tick and heartworm preventatives to stop them in their tracks.You can save thousands of dollars in the lifetime of your pets by preventing the diseases these insects bring to us and our pets.


  • At Angels Vet Express we provide the absolute lowest prices for vet care. Our products are the lowest priced anywhere on the Internet and our clinic is world famous.

Come in TODAY walkins are welcome! See why our clinic is World Famous!


Steps to Prevention:

  1. Get a heartworm Test  - $11.00
  2. Purchase Heartworm prevention 1-12 months Starting as low as $3.50 and up based on the size of your pet and the number of months supply you purchase.
  3. Purchase Flea and Tick prevention 1-12 months. Starting as low as $11.00 and up based on the size of your pet and the number of months  you purchase.

Angels Vet Express is dedicated to the concept that no animal should suffer because their humans cannot afford high cost veterinary care at fancy clinics. At Angels Vet Express you absolutely CAN afford proper vet care! 

If you have had a negative heartworm test in the last 12 months that  we can confirm we will be happy to mail you the heartworm medications.

Any pet can get flea and tick prevention shipped from our store right here on the website.