Price List

Anal Glands15.00 USD
BORDELELLA Vaccination8.00 USD
Dog Neuter 0-40 lbs30.00 USD
Dog Neuter 41-70 lbs40.00 USD
Dog Neuter 71-100 lbs50.00 USD
Dog Neuter > 100 lbs60.00 USD
Dog Spay 0-25 lbs45.00 USD
Dog Spay 26 - 40 lbs55.00 USD
Dog Spay 41-60 lbs65.00 USD
Dog Spay 61-80 lbs75.00 USD
Dog Spay 81-100 lbs85.00 USD
Dog Spay In Heat - Add20.00 USD
Dog Spay Pregnant - Add35.00 USD
Dog Spay Pyometra - Add40.00 USD
CBC44.00 USD
Clean Ears15.00 USD
Clip Toe Nails15.00 USD
DA2PP - Vaccination6.00 USD
DA2PPv-Cv (Dog) - Vaccination8.00 USD
Declaw - Includes Mandatory Pain Medication98.00 USD
Dental68.00 USD
Emergency Fee85.00 USD
Euthanasia 0-25 lbs15.00 USD
Euthanasia 26-50 lbs20.00 USD
Euthanasia > 50 lbs25.00 USD
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These are just some of the services and the amazingly low prices.